Anna Scott

Anna is a Danish born embroidery artist, designer and tutor. She has called Australia home for a long time and lives in the beautiful Adelaide hills in South Australia.

“I didn’t choose to embroider – Embroidery chose me.”

Anna completed a degree in technical hand embroidery at the Danish Needlecraft Guild College with honours. She has been designing and teaching embroidery since 2000 and has worked on ecclesiastical vestments in Denmark, including the bishops cope for Aarhus Cathedral, Denmark designed by Queen Margrethe II. After writing and editing for Inspirations magazine for many years, Anna now focuses on her own embroidery business, creating stitched art pieces, teaching both locally and around the world and developing kits for her Fine Stitch Studio brand.

“Needle in hand makes me happy…”

Anna practises a wide range of embroidery techniques. She particularly enjoys styles that involve colour, pattern and texture – crewel embroidery, raised embroidery and goldwork being her favourites. Her designs are largely inspired by traditional hand embroidery and decorative arts, with a subtle contemporary twist and the results can best be described as ‘traditional but not typical’.

“My life is in stitches, literally. I stitch when I can find time or make time – it is part of who I am. If I am not stitching, I am most likely thinking about it.”



Sandra H

The classes were so interesting and Anna's encouragement spurred me on to improve. Although I did not do the planned class project, Anna gave equal attention to me and taught so many new stitches with lots of tips on how to perfect my work. Her approach was kind and the instructions were clear. We were allowed to film her demonstrations of how to work the stitches and this was exceptionally useful at home once our course week was over. Anna looked after her students too, urging a regular break to rest our eyes and backs from the work. When I returned home, I kept trying to work meticulously in the way Anna taught us and when I finished The Mountain Oak three months later, I could honestly say it is the best piece of work I have ever done. Thank you Anna for all the attention and instruction you gave us so that we were each able to achieve our potential. A truly wonderful experience!

Janet Luce

Anna is a very professional teacher who is capable of teaching 4 different projects in the one class. Even though we both come from Australia I was thrilled to do her silk shading and Gold work class. Mark and Nadine were wonderful hosts and their facilities for needlework classes were superb. I would recommend Anna’s class highly.