You have a love for creativity, and so do we.

Experience the joy of small classes led by expert craft tutors set in stunning European destinations.

Come and indulge in our exclusive crafting holidays filled with endless fun and laughter, surrounded by individuals who share your artistic spirit.

On this unforgettable journey with us, you'll have ample time to stitch, create, make lace, and bead, making your holiday truly exceptional.

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Who are Creative Experiences

Prior to Creative Experiences we were known as The Alpine Experience. 

Creative Experiences has been born from the lessons learned over the last 18 years with The Alpine Experience.

We have a goal to offer the most memorable of crafting holiday experiences, bringing like minded people together with their shared passion for their crafts in beautiful and peaceful environments. 

We have learned that it is the small things that truly make a crafting holiday special. You don't need to worry about cooking dinner or answering the door, you won't need to go shopping, ironing or vacuum the living room. All these daily interruptions of your precious crafting time are removed while on holiday with us.

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Why Book with Creative Experiences?

Why Book with Creative Experiences?

Industry leading tuition

World class teachers providing more personalised tuition to enhance your creative experience.

Why Book with Creative Experiences?

15 Years of Experience

We have been delivering fantastic craft holiday experiences for the last 15 year with hundreds of satisfied guests.

Why Book with Creative Experiences?

Great Value

We pride ourselves on delivering great value for a truly unforgettable experience with no hidden costs.