Judith Cordell

In 1994, I was looking for something to absorb my time. I found myself flicking through an Adult Education brochure, my attention was drawn to a section on Bobbin Lacemaking and my love of lace was born.

By 2002, I was designing and teaching Rosaline Perle lace. As well as running my own local lace workshops, I have taught for the Lace Guild (UK) and found myself teaching at weekends in country houses and glorious tourist locations, given workshops to lace groups across the UK, Europe and America.

The world of lace has bought me into contact with some wonderful people many of whom have become good friends.

In 2011 I published my first book, I remember being interviewed by a lace magazine and being asked if I was pleased with the production – I was enormously – I’d had such good feedback, it was a real boost and I’m most proud of keeping one of the little known about Belgium laces in the limelight. You’d be amazed how many people ask me if Rosaline is a new lace. Even today, having studied many wonderful antique pieces of Rosaline I am finding new techniques to incorporate into my designs. I have introduced coloured silks to enhance features and keep the designs looking modern and fresh. 

Rosaline Perle lace originates from Belgium and belongs with the family of duchesse flower laces. Often thought of as the poor member of the family, Rosaline was worked with relative quickness and ease forming long swags and trails used for collars and edgings. Made up of a series of motifs, dominated by the pretty Rose, joined with small plaits and picots and finished with fluted decorative edges.

With only 14 bobbins and no thread ends to deal with, the floral motifs can easily be adapted for use by the modern lacemaker.




"I thoroughly enjoy attending Judith‘s workshop because Judith is patient and encouraging with here students whatever their experience and shares her knowledge and expertise willingly. When viewing old pieces of Rosaline lace Judith encourages her students to explore the intricasies of the lace. To redesign sections or take a new technique and if appropriate use it in their current piece of lace." Jennifer

Tina Mitchelmoore

"From the first communication with Judith to the end of her class, her calm and charming manner enabled individuals and class to learn at a pace that was conducive to all. The choice of patterns and threads were a team effort between Judith and student. There was a great sharing atmosphere and I learnt a lot. The displays were beautiful and useful. All in all a great week with Judith and one that I would recommend to new Rosaline lacemakers and old. I should very much like to repeat it"


" The Alpine Exprience is amazing on many fronts. Juiths tuition is excellent. She ensures everyone gets as much as they want from the course, taking great care of the beginners at the same time as encouraging the more experienced to branch out into designs of their own. At the end of the week we had all achieved more than we had expected and were well pleased with the results. On top of this the accommodation and care given by the staff at Alpine Experience are second to none. The food is wonderful and the views just breathtaking! What more could you want from a holiday?"

Wendy Edwards

Judith has such knowledge and enthusiasm for the intricacies of Rosaline Lace. All these she passes on to her students patiently,whilst encouraging them to progress and experiment with the techniques. Together with the French Alps and the expertly provided service by The Alpine Experience team, who could ask for more!!

Jacqueline John

Judith's classes never fail to disappoint, her attentiveness, expertise and patience is next to none. She always prepares for the week, with special Alpine patterns, coloured threads and lots of advice. Coupled with the scenery and luxury of the Alpine Experience and such attentive hosts, who couldn't not enjoy the week.


I 'fell on my feet' with Judith as my teacher in Rosaline Lace. She was so patient with me and built on my few months lace experience to give me confidence in learning how to work the first three Rosaline motifs. Sometimes she had to explain the same point more than once and did this in such a kind manner to keep my new grown confidence intact. I look back on my Rosaline Lace week with great memories from a professional team behind The Alpine Experience; a wonderful group of course delegates together with an absorbing learning experience that made me decide at the end of the week's course to book immediately for Judith's 2019 Rosaline Lace course. I know some of my new found friends will attend the 2019 week with me and look forward to learning more from Judith and having some really great times with the Rosaline Lace group.


Iconic lace, idyllic location & a superb staff! Learning Rosaline lace with Judith Cordell in the Alps was a memorable experience. Fun & knowledgable, she was prepared for every eventuality.With vintage examples available for study, plenty of designs for all skill levels & useful supplies for optional purchase, there were interesting bits for every student. Perched on a cliff, our class was held in a chalet that overlooks a stunning alpine valley where soaring eagles entertained us each day. It was easy to be inspired by both lace & venue! Between classes, we were well & truly pampered by Nadine, Mark & staff. I’m glad I treated myself to the Alpine Experience with Judith Cordell’s Rosaline class.


"Judith starts teaching the Rosaline class with a few basic rules on techniques as borne out by her books. After that she enables you to think about where to place pins and then onto thinkingabout design and layout for your own patterns in what seems record time. It is extremely empowering and informative particularly for someone like me who has only been confident in reproducingpatterns already in existence. You look at your surroundings in a totally different way and always with Rosaline Perle Lace in mind!. A wonderful week thank you!"


"She was excellent as tutor and also in organising us and generally looking after us and advising."

Anne Davie

"Judith is an excellent tutor with lots of patience and a positive outlook"