Taetia McEwen

My childhood was filled with beautiful books and a rambling garden that inspired my passion for all things feminine and pretty. With an innate need to embellish practical things, the tactile art of embroidery has provided the perfect medium for me to create delightful scenes filled with creatures, flowers, butterflies, and birds – and all with just a touch of whimsy for which I have become so well known!

When I was twelve, my mother introduced me to stitching, but it was when my first daughter was born that I truly discovered the delight of embroidery, and it soon became my abiding passion.

I have been forever fascinated by the idea of a lampshade that changes scenes as it’s turned, something that beautifully marries functionality with creativity. The Fairies' Pet, Dream A Little and the Meadow designs can be stitched into a lampshade, or framed into a beautiful picture.

I love creating embroidered stories that contain intricate, stitched details, so that each time you look, you will see something new.I love to share the charming art of making magical creatures leap off the background with silk thread, chenille, velvet, metal ribbon, sequins, feathers, beads, and organza; some of the beautiful materials I use in my designs.

I have four children and a grandson.
I teach embroidery in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia and l have just returned from teaching in London. 

My designs have been published in many different magazines over the last thirty years, and are often published in Inspirations magazines.