Dr Jessica Grimm

Dr Jessica Grimm is an accomplished archaeologist turned embroidery expert, with an impressive background in both academic and practical expertise. Her passion for medieval goldwork embroidery led her to compile a database of surviving embroideries, allowing her to answer important research questions and teach others the intricate art of needlework, from beginners to advanced stitchers.

After visiting a major medieval goldwork embroidery exhibition in her native Netherlands in 2015, Jessica started studying and recreating these stunning embroideries. She currently compiles a database of all surviving medieval goldwork embroideries in order to answer research questions regarding the origin of or nué and the geographical origin of certain diaper patterns. Her classes cater for determined beginners through to the seasoned stitcher.



Jane Drummond

We both learnt a lot from Jessica during our week with her. It was refreshing to learn not only how to do things but also learn about the history of the embroidery we were interpreting. Jessica is a first rate tutor and her own work is impeccable. I was fascinated by the research that Jessica has undertaken and feel very privileged to be part of her on going studies. To get full benefit from this course I think you need to be beyond beginners level, to have a bit of experience in & knowledge of metal thread embroidery and not be intimidated by the wilful silk floss. It was just up my street & I loved it!